School Books

Pupils must have all necessary books and requisites. A school book rental scheme is available in the school which provides a very economical solution to rising book prices. Copies do not form part of this scheme and a copy list is posted to all families with the school report and school calendar in early July. Please put your child's name on each book and copy - all of which should be covered and kept clean to encourage neatness and pride in work. As schoolbooks can be very heavy, children from 3rd-6th are provided with facilities in the classrooms for holding their extra books when not in use. Children from 2nd-6th classes use a homework diary which is provided as part of the school rental system. Art requisites are provided by the school as are tests, photocopiable material etc. Pupils are asked to treat schoolbooks, equipment and school propery with respect.

Any book lost or damaged, belonging to the school rental scheme, must be replaced at the pupil's own expense.

The Co.Wexford mobile library visits the school once a fortnight and offers the children a wonderful opportunity to avail of the valuable gift of extra reading material - children are requested to enjoy these books and return them in the same condition as received. Identity cards are provided for all children for use in the Co.Library from 1st class up. The library in Bunclody is also a wonderful local resource centre and visits to that library are encouraged. Organised trips to Bunclody library may be organised by individual teachers during the school year.