Information Technology

It is important that we provide both pupils and teachers with opportunities to be familiar with information technology so they can enhance their learning process. In Kilmyshall N.S. we are fortunate to have an interactive whiteboard in each classroom and a range of support technological equipment and software. Each classroom is also internet accessible. In accordance with an ICT strategy for 2008-2013 adopted by the Department of Education and Skills, the Board of Management is currently actively preparing an 'E-Learning' Plan for the school. It is our aim to enable children to become computer literate and communicate with other children world-wide and exchange information and experiences through the use of the internet. As part of the school's education programme, we offer pupils supervised access to the Internet which is available through broadband. It allows pupils vast educational opportunities by helping them locate material for projects, communicate with students from different cultures, become independent in controlling their own research and become independent learners.

While we, as educationalists, recognise the value of the Internet as a resource, we must also acknowledge the potential risks to students. We feel that the answer is not to ban the use of the Internet in school but to teach pupils to recognise the risks and to become Internet Wise. This process is the responsibility of the school and the parent/guardian. For this reason we have compiled a school policy on Internet Safety known as an AUP (Acceptable User Policy). Pupils and parents/guardians should read the policy carefully to ensure that the conditions of use are accepted and understood.

Although the school takes active steps to promote safe use of the Internet, it recognises the possibility that students may accidentally or deliberately access inappropriate or objectionable material. The school respects each family's right to decide whether or not to allow their children access to the Internet as defined by the school's Acceptable User Policy.

Internet use and access is considered a school resource and privilege. Mis-use of the Internet will be considered under the Code of Behaviour. The school also reserves the right to report any illegal activities to the appropriate authorities.