School Attendance and Notes

The school calendar is posted out with the school report at the end of June/beginning of July. The calendar is also posted on this website and will be updated regularly. When planning holidays parents are asked to avoid breaking into term time if at all possible since that would involve children missing a lot of valuable teaching time which may affect their progress and undermine their confidence.

Under the terms of the Education and Welfare Act, a school is obliged to notify and forward attendance records to the Department of Education and Skills if a child is absent for more than 20 days in any school year. The Department will then investigate the circumstanceshe surrounding the absences. Notes are provided by the school for absention and must be completed and returned. Signed indemnification forms for those who leave the school for lunch are kept on record in the school.

Notes (telephone calls will not suffice) must be either sent to the Class teacher or written in the homework diary by the Parent/Guardian as follows:

- if a parent/guardian wishes his/her child to leave school before the school day finishes

- if a child is to stay in the classroom at break-times unless requested by a teacher (on an incidental basis0

- if a child is to be exempt from P.E. (on an incidental basis)

- if a child is unable to attempt or complete homework