Novelties, Mobile Phones, Invitations

To prevent e-bullying and as the school phone may be used by pupils in an emergency, use of mobile phones by pupils is forbidden in school and on school premises and if confiscated will only be returned to a parent/guardian. Exceptions are made for pupils who, without the supervision of a teacher, may have to attend sports training or games after school. Special permission forms are provided to cater for this facility.

On occasion, senior pupils are allowed by their parents to have mobile phones in their possession in school for use after school hours and these phones are given to their teacher for safe keeping during the day.

Pupils are discouraged from bringing novelties (i.e. toys, football cards, jewellery, magazines etc) to school as they are a constant source of distraction and if lost, stolen, broken or confiscated, these novelties and toys may not be returned or replaced.

Parents are asked to avoid issuing birthday invitations, Christmas/Easter/Valentine cards or gifts in the school as this can cause upset to children not included.