Our School Crest

The school crest was designed from the collective ideas of the 5th/6th class pupils of 2003-2004. It has four panels divided by a cross symbolic of both the Faith and Catholic ethos of the school and 'The Crosses', the name given to the local area.

One panel depicts teaching and learning, featuring theatre mask, artist's palette, musical note and open book.

Another panel symbolises- the sporting activities of the area - hurling, football, soccer and handball.

A harp on the third panel comes from the romantic story of Eileen Aroon who is buried in the ancient cemetery nearby.

The fourth panel has the mountains from which the children can daily get inspiration and a sense of awe and beauty. There is also a signpost symbolic of the local and global outlook of the school.

A school banner made from the colours of the local clubs - green, gold, white and maroon, has the crest as its centrepiece.