Health and Safety

Health education is part of the school curriculum and a good diet is essential to the growing child. There are two breaks during the day at which the children are allowed snacks/lunch - a light snack break (e.g. piece of fruit) at 11am and lunch proper from 12.30-1.00pm. Lunch is an important meal for school going children. It should provide one third of their recommended daily allowance of nutrients without being high in fat, sugar or salt. Encourage a healthy lunch right from the start because healthy eating habits will stay with you forever and influence your chances of a healthier life. Please only give your child something you feel he/she can easily manage to eat. There is a healthy lunch policy in the school that eliminates crisps, minerals, sweets and lollipops and encourages sugar-free foods. Peanuts are discouraged becasue of allergies.

Suggested healthy lunch alternatives are:

- Sandwich, roll, bread, crackers, cheese

- Fruit, vegetables - raw or cooked

- Milk, water, soup, pure fruit juice

- Scones, plain buns, brack

- Yogurt, fromais frais, frubes, yogurt drinks

From time to time, supermarkets and food companies provide promotional material and fact-sheets on healthy lunches and copies of these are available from the school, if required. The Parents Council also provide healthy lunch or fruit treats from time to time - usually once a month.

One third of a litre of milk is available on a daily basis to the children of the school - the cost of which is paid termly. It is a healthy drink option that is encouraged and a water drinking tap is available on the school grounds.

Lunch boxes and beakers should be kept scrupulously clean and be clearly labelled to avoid loss and confustion and, as we are endeavouring to keep our school as 'green as possible' please encourage your child to bring home empty packages and uneaten lunch.

A note must be sent into the class teacher if a child is to remain in the classroom on an incidental basis at break times, though this is discouraged to avoid blame or misunderstandings if property is lost or damaged during break times and because each child needs to avail of as much exercise and fresh air as possible during hte school day. Children who go home for lunch must sign the appropriate Lunch time Insurance Indemnity form.

If a child has a particular health problem such as allergies, asthma, diabetes etc. the school should be advised when a child is being enrolled. In the event of an accident where professional medical assistance is required, every effort will be made to contact a child's parent/guardian immediately but a child may have to be taken to a doctor on duty without the parent's permission in an emergency. A contact name and telephone number should always be on record in the school. When you give such a contact number, other than your own, please inform that person you are doing so.

Because of the danger of choking and to keep school property as clean and hygienic as possible, chewing gum is not allowed in the school or on school grounds.

In school, children share a room daily with a number of other and so close contact with other children is unavoidable - check hair regularly for head lice as outbreaks occur from time to time. An information leaflet on treating head lice published by the South Eastern Health Board is available from the school if required.

Out of consideration for others, particularly those who suffer from asthma, pupils are not allowed to use spray deodrants, anit-perspirants, perfumes etc. while in school or engaged in school related activities including swimming and other sports.

In accordance with school healthy eating promotion, use of vending machines, available to children at the local swimming pool, is forbidden while pupils attend block aquatics training.

Administration of Medicines

As a general rule, teachers will not be involved in the administration of medication to pupils. In exceptional circumstances, where a teacher agrees to become involved, prior arrangement must be made with the Board of Management which will involve indemnity from the parents in respect of any liability that may arise regarding the adminstration of the medication.

Substance Abuse

A Substance Use Policy has been drawn up by representatives of the staff, parents and Board of Management and is available to all parents in the school. In line with this policy, and in line with current legislation, smoking is not permitted in the school or on school property. The use of Tippex is forbidden. Storage of medicines and serious issues concerning substance abuse are dealt with at length in this policy. Substance mis-use will be considered under the Code of Behaviour. The school is compelled to report any illegal activities relating to substance abuse to the appropriate authorities.

Safety Statement

A copy of the school safety statement is available for inspection. Contact a member of staff for same.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather during the winter months, the Chairman of the Board of Management will make a decision regarding school closure and the announcement will be made known to parents by means of the Text-a-parent communication vehicle. It may also be announced on South East Radio. The school will only be closed if the school bus is unable to travel.