Safety and Insurance


A Personal Accident Insurance Policy is available in the school to be paid annually. There are two types of policies available -

a) covering school hours only

b) 24 hour cover

The Board of Management encourages parents to accept one of these policies with (b) being the most acceptable for children involved in sport.


Class begins at 9.20am and finishes at 3.00pm for pupils 1st-6th and at 2.00pm for infants. Pupils may not leave the school premises without permission until dismissal time and may not remain on school premises after 3.00pm unless supervised by a teacher. For the child's protection, a note must be sent to the teacher if a parent wishes the child to leave the school before the school day finishes or if the child is absent for a portion of a day.

Teachers should always be informed of any change regarding collection of children and this applies particularly in cases where a court order exists. Children should use the facilities provided by the Board of Management for their use e.g. use of shelter on cold and wet mornings and to keep their school bags dry.


Car parking facilities have been developed both to the front and also at the village end of the school. Children are advised to enter and leave the school premises by the pedestrian gate at the village end as there is a footpath all around this area. Staff park their cars at the front of the school, while parents are encouraged to use the village end car park when dropping off and collecting children at the school. Cars should never park in front of the main gates, as these have to be left free for emergency purposes. Cars are only allowed to park in the school grounds on rare occasions when pre-arranged with the school authorities e.g. meetings

Drivers are advised to park correctly in a free space, avoid double parking and limit the time spent parked in that space to as minimum a time as is required to drop off/collect children. Drivers are asked to reduce speed entering/exiting parking areas and allow others clear visibility to enter and leave the car park. Make yourself visilbe to your child as he/she leaves the school grounds to avoid confusion, or stand at the gates and collect your child. Infants are escorted to the school gate by their teacher at their dismissal time - 2pm.

If a parent is unavoidably delayed at close of school it is wise to telephone someone who can collect the child and inform the school of this change of collection. Children should be advised that if a parent has not arrived on time, they should return to the school immediately and report to a member of staff rather than going home with another parent. Unless authorised to do so do not under any circumstances allow a child, other than your own, into your car. If concerned, you may accompany that child back into the school.


Please teach your child the essentials of road safety, advising them about dangers of playing on the road while awaiting transport. Do not ask your child to cross the road without you or a guardian accompanying him/her. Do not allow younger children (not attending school at that time) to leave your car and play in the car park/school yard or to climb on the boundary walls while awaiting the 9.20am, 2.00pm or 3.00pm bell.

While the Board of Management makes every effort to protect children in the morning from the cold, it cannot accept responsibility for children before 9.20am and after 3.00pm (2.00pm Infants). For insurance purposes, the school cannot accept responsibility for children alighting from or awaiting buses or other transport, for escorting children off premises to buses or other transport, or being on school grounds before or after these times.


A bus transports children to and from the school - pupils travelling on the bus are both fee paying and non-fee paying depending on the distance. An arrangement has been made with the Bus Éireann operative to park the bus in the yellow box at the front of the school for pick-up and set-down purposes only. Bus tickets are given out once a year in September on submission of the relevant details to Bus Éireann. Parents of fee paying pupils deal directly and privately with the bus operator. Children who travel on the school bus use the front gate to enter and exit the school.


In recent year, as a society, we have become very aware of the problem of child abuse through neglect, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Each one of us has a duty to protect children, and teachers, who are the main care givers to children outside the family, are particularly well placed to observe and monitor the signs of abuse. In response to this, the Department of Education and Skills published guidelines and procedures for all schools in relation to child protection and welfare known as 'Children First Guidelines'. The Board of Management of Kilmyshall N.S. has adopted Child Protection guidelines as school policy. Consequently, if school staff suspect or are alerted to possible child abuse they are obliged to refer this matter to the Health Service Executive (HSE). The HSE will then assess the situation and provide support for the child concerned.

'Children First', the national guidelines for the protection of child may be accessed on the website of the Department of Health and Children

and the guidelines can also be read on the Department of Education and Skills' website

Parents/Guardians are welcome to look through the guidelines in the school and examine the school's policy.

The Board has approved Ms. Siobhán Jordan as Designated Liason Person and Ms. Brigid Fox as Deputy Designated Liason Person for Child Protection in Kilmyshall N.S.