Assessment and Reports

Teachers monitor the progress of children in their individual classes throughout the school year and are in contact with parents when necessary. Each parent will be given an opportunity to meet with class teachers at least once a year. Should a parent wish for further consultation with the teacher, an appointment can be made through contacting the school office. Written reports are sent home once a year.

Each year all children are assessed using standardised tests towards the end of the last term with a view to adopting any supporting measures a child might need. The results of these tests are available to parents. If a child is found to have difficulties then further diagnostic testing is carried out by the Special Education teacher with the permission of the parent/guardian. The results of these tests determine whether a child will receive learning support help.

Learning support may take different forms e.g.children may be removed from the classroom and be taught individually by the Special Ed. teacher in the Special Ed. rooms; alternative teaching support or specialised group teaching may take place either in the Special Ed. rooms or the child's classroom, specific worksheets prepared by the Special Ed. teacher (in consulatation with the class teacher) may be completed at home. In the interest of pupils who may need more specialised support, consultation with other professionals is made e.g. Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist etc, after discussion with parents, principal and teachers.

Apart from extra individual class work given to pupils by their teachers, information on the Centre of Talented Youth of Ireland is available in the school for parents of children who achieve very hight percentiles in standardised tests.