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Our Noticeboard

Results of our Water Usage Survey

posted 27 Jan 2013, 14:54 by Kilmyshall Ns

A water usage survey was sent home with each family.  Ms Doran and the children analysed the results and displayed them in a colourful way on our notice board. 

Water Quiz

posted 27 Jan 2013, 14:43 by Kilmyshall Ns

Ms Doran and the children compiled a Water Quiz and displayed it on our noticeboard.  We learned alot!

Water Saving Rainbow bottles and Halloween

posted 27 Jan 2013, 14:39 by Kilmyshall Ns

Each child was given a recycled water bottle with coloured water in it to place in a toilet cistern at home.  This will cut down on the amount of water used each time the toilet is flushed.  We also gave a prize to each class for the best 'green' Halloween costume.  There were some excellent ideas.  Well done everyone!

Water Noticeboard

posted 27 Jan 2013, 14:31 by Kilmyshall Ns


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