Green Schools

The school community of Kilmyshall N.S. makes every effort to keep our school as 'green' as possible.  We are proud owners of FOUR Green School Flags for our participation in the GreenSchools initiative.

In 2009 the school was awarded its first Green Flag which was raised by Mr. Trevor Sargent, the then Minister of State at the Dept. of Food and Agriculture.  As we take pride in the appearance of our school and to maintain a litter free school environment, empty cartons and uneaten lunches are brought home. 

Each classroom is provided with three bins - one for compostable materials e.g.banana skins, one for waste paper and the third for non-recyclable materials.  'Litter Teams' are established each September with one team on duty each week using litter pickers and the children are to be complimented on how clean the school is kept. 

In 2008 the school was awarded the title 'Co.Wexford Waterwise School of the Year' and in 2009 'Cleanest School in Co.Wexford'.  All efforts at keeping our school as 'green' as possible are appreciated.
There are opportunities in Kilmyshall N.S. to recycle stamps, ringos, batteries and inkjet/print/toner cartridges.  Paper is shredded and given to any parent who may wish to avail of it for 'bedding' for animals and an outdoor compost bin provides the foundations for flower boxes and baskets.

Our Sensory Garden

In the school year, 2008-2009, a sensory garden was developed at the front of the school.  This project was carried out in association with the National Heritage Council, individual parents, staff, pupils and members of the Board of Management. 

The various flower beds depict the senses: smell, taste, sight, sound and touch.  Trevor Sargent, the then Minister of State at the Dept. of Food and Agriculture, had the distinction of planting the very first plant in the garden when he placed grasses in the 'sound' bed.  this took place on May 25th 2009, when he raised the school's very first green flag. 

Since then, many events have been marked with the planting of shrubs or flowers e.g.Colm Kehoe, a past pupil of the school and former Co.Hurling All-Ireland medal winner, planted purple and gold flowers to mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of the G.A.A. 

In September, 2009, the Board of Management, received a gift of a beautiful granite table and seats from the Doyle family, Kyle, one of the current families attending the school.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have received such a generous gift which provides an 'outdoor classroom' for our pupils and as a result we are the envy of all visitors to the school.  With global warming we hope to have the weather to enjoy it!
The children continue to improve the garden area and have created an interesting insect habitat and a woodland section.  Various wildlife attractions e.g.bird and insect boxes, have been added, many provided by token collection and a couple of parents contributed to the purchase of a sundial.  The 'Sensory Garden' is an ongoing project and is a terrific amenity not just from an aesthetic point of view but also for the many learning opportunities it offers.
See more photos of our Sensory Garden in our photo gallery here.