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Third & Fourth Class Mrs. Gormley

We learned about traditional games in the past.  We discussed how to play games such as Tiddly Winks, marbles, skipping, Tic Tac Toe, Hopscotch, clapping games and dominoes.  The children had great fun playing the games.  Nikola and Eliza even taught us their version of Hopscotch played in Poland!





Field Trip - Old buildings and historical sites in our locality.

posted 21 Sep 2015, 11:26 by Kilmyshall Ns

On Friday, 18th September, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes went on a walking field trip in our locality.  The children had learned about the buildings and local cemetery in class.  We then set off with our worksheets, clipboards and lunches.  Firstly, we learned about the location of the first and second schools in the village.  The first was located where Byrne's house now is and the second school was located in what is now the village.hall.  We had researched our church, St Mary Magdalene, and learned that the same architect also designed Castledockrell church.  We talked about how the village pump would have been used and how easy we have it now in comparison!  Lastly, we set off across the fields to the local cemetery.  It was a healthy trek taking in a break at the local shooting range.  At the cemetery, we learned about the first and last people to be buried there and of course about Eileen Aroon.  The children did some fabulous rubbings on the headstones. We had a lovely day and thankfully the weather remained dry and we were able to have our lunch outdoors.


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