Local History and Geography Field Trip

posted 20 Sep 2015, 04:44 by Kilmyshall Ns   [ updated 4 Oct 2015, 07:02 ]
On September 18th Second, Third and Fourth Classes went on a field trip to the old cemetery in Kilmyshall. Armed with clipboards, pencils and lunch we headed off at 10 o'clock. On route we stopped to see the site of the first school in Kilmyshall which was where Byrnes house now stands in the village. We also stopped at the community Centre which was built in 1895 as a school. This school was replaced by the current school in 1970.

Site of first school in Kilmyshall                                                                                          School from 1895 -1970

We passed by the pump at the crossroads and talked about  homes before the coming of piped water.

We then proceeded to cross the fields to the old cemetery. On arrival we were faced with two rams who quickly took off to the far side of the graveyard.  We visited the blessed well, formally dedicated to St. Colman and currently dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.


Next we went to grave of Eileen Aroon who was buried in 1717 and chatted about her life and her love Cearbhaill Ó Dálaigh. We noted the site of the church in the graveyard. We then got busy taking rubbings of  of the headstones in the graveyard, some of which are over 300 years old and the most recent which was in 1989.
Grave of Eileen Aroon.

The views from the graveyard were fantastic. We could see the River Slaney and the village of Clohamon with its meat factory. Before returning to school we had a picnic which was well earned.