Winter in the Infant Room


Little Robin Redbreast

Mother Goose

Little Robin Red breast sat upon a tree,   Up went pussy cat and down went he; Down came pussy, and away Robin ran; Says little Robin Red breast,              “Catch me if you can”.


                     People who help us in the community.
 A cupful of kindness

A cupful of kindness
And plenty of care
Some hugs and kisses,
They're so nice to share!
Nice words and good manners,
Now that's how its done,
And just while we're at it,
Let's throw in some fun!

Now mix it and stir it,
And taste it and see.
Yummy! I like it!
It tastes good to me! 

It's easy to share love,
We just need to try.
Just take it, and give it,
Come on, don't be shy!

Grow in Love
Junior Infants. 

                                                 Art: Transport

Self Portraits
Talk about how we are all unique and special, explain why you chose your child's name. Tell your child how you got our name.