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Fifth & Sixth Class Ms. Dunne

Visit with Colm "The Gooch"Cooper:

5th and 6th Class got to visit with Colm "The Gooch" Cooper when he visited the G.A.A Indoor Arena Complex in Bunclody on Friday 4th of March!

Confirmation 2016

posted 12 Oct 2015, 12:36 by Kilmyshall Ns   [ updated 8 Jan 2016, 05:57 ]

5th & 6th class are preparing for their Confirmation on 24th April 2016.

We are attending mass every first Friday and we welcome any parent who would like to come along to join us and if you'd like to sit with your child.

We have a weekly prayer that we say together during religion, we display our prayer of the week on our classroom door and we hope to post them here each week too if you wish to talk with your child about  the meaning and join your child in saying it.

week beginning 4/1/2016
Dear Jesus, thank you for coming into the world so that we can get to know God the Father better.  Help us understand your message so that we can love God more and more. Amen.


week beginning: 21/12/2015
Lord, thank you for my family.  Help my family to be loving and kind. Help us to look after each other. Amen.


week beginning 7/12/2015
Dear Jesus, help us prepare for you coming.  Help us to turn to you and share your love with the people we meet this week. Amen.

week beginning: 30/11/2015
Dear Jesus, help us to keep praying.  Help us to always to be ready to welcome you. Amen.

week beginning: 23/11/2015 

Dear Jesus, Help us to listen to you, help us to live as you ask and always tell the truth. Amen.

week beginning: 16/11/2015
Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me. Help me to remember you are always near me. Amen.

week beginning: 09/11/2015

Dear Jesus, help me to be a generous person with a kind heart. Help me to think of others and take time to show I care when someone needs me. Amen.

week beginning: 02/11/2015
Dear Jesus, thank you for all the beautiful things in the world.
Help me to remember you when I see them. Amen.

Help me to be a happy person, Jesus.
Help me to make other people happy, by the things I say and the things I do. Amen.

***We will not be attending mass this Friday 6th November but will attend on Friday 13th instead.***

week beginning 26/10/2015
Dear Jesus, thank you for my family.
They welcomed me into the world and help me feel loved and safe.
Please bless my family so that we can welcome you into our home and hearts every day. Amen.

week beginning 19/10/2015
Dear Jesus, you are the Son of God,
and you spent your life helping others.
Help me to follow you and find ways that I can serve other people.
Help Pope Francis to be a good leader like you. Amen.
week beginning 12/10/2015
Dear Jesus, sometimes it is difficult to do what is right.
 Help me to share your love with everyone I meet. 
Help me, even when it is a difficult thing, 
so that I can learn how to become an even better person. Amen.

5th & 6th class ART

posted 6 Oct 2015, 11:58 by Kilmyshall Ns   [ updated 15 Mar 2016, 03:04 ]

The children made Scarecrows!

Hall of Achievement

posted 6 Oct 2015, 11:49 by Kilmyshall Ns   [ updated 16 Mar 2016, 03:36 ]

The children work hard at school and we like to celebrate extra curricular achievements together also.
So today we congratulate Derry on his recent swimming success 
Ethan on his success at Tae Kwon Doe and Emma on her baking success.

Photos will be uploaded soon.

Please help us with our "Hall of Achievement" by encouraging your child to inform us of all their extra curricular achievements.

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